Florabiome by Chiza Westcarr

Our Story

Florabiome by Chiza Westcarr was created because Chiza recognised a gap in the market. By incorporating an inside-out approach, in her work as both a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Dermal Clinician, she has been able to successfully help many of her clients improve their skin, gut and mental health. Her goal is to help fellow practitioners achieve success also.

Chiza qualified as a skin therapist in 1996 and has taught in the skincare industry since 2000. Upon the completion of her Bachelors’ Degree in Clinical Dermal Therapies, while teaching in the Medical Aesthetics arena, she realised that active skincare and in-clinic modalities were not enough to address inflammatory skin conditions.

Chiza next embarked on a Masters’ Degree in Human Nutrition, a Health Coaching Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. It was then that the link between nutrition and optimal skin health, and how this might be enhanced became apparent to her.

Why choose Florabiome by Chiza Westcarr:

Florabiome is made up of products that focus on modulating stress, supporting gut health and improving skin health.

Few ingestible ranges are designed exclusively for skin specialists, so having a skin expert at the helm offers a unique perspective, and a complete understanding of what is needed.

FloraBiome By Chiza Westcarr